Our Team

Ken Owen


As a founder of Nature's Expressions, Ken Owen's design and illustration talents have been instrumental in our growth. With over 38 years of experience in the landscape industry, Ken enjoys taking on unique challenges, and turning them into success stories. His favorite type of project is multi-level outdoor living spaces.  His B.S. degree in ornamental horticulture from Delaware Valley University helps him choose the perfect planting for every type of soil, climate and maintenance condition. His love of the outdoors and his passion for nature photography help him notice beauty in every landscape.

Dave Miller


With over 18 years of experience in landscape development, CEO Dave Miller brings vision and creativity to each client project.  Dave has been involved in every kind of project, but enjoys those that are multi-faceted, calling on various skill sets of the team.  He feels he is at his best when he can sit down with a client over a cup of coffee and discuss their dreams for their outdoor space.  Dave noted, "The best projects are always the one's where I am a trusted advisor, a partner in finding the perfect solution that is unique to their needs."  

Dale Flygstad


Dale has been here since the beginning.  He typically likes to fade into the background, but he hardly goes unnoticed.  He has the experience and ability to logistically make things happen.  He could have chosen many paths to use his giftedness, but he is here with a desire to be a part of something great.  As part owner, he is at the core of the decision making that does just that.  In his leadership role, life is not just about himself, but about serving people.


Sherry Miller


Sherry Miller joins Nature’s Expressions with almost 30 years of experience, starting with her Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky.  She has worked in California, Texas and Central Kentucky.  She enjoys working with clients on site, getting to know their dreams and helping turn them into a reality.  When asked what excites her about joining the Nature's Expressions team, Sherry noted, “Its our ability to handle the entire scope of a project from conception, to design and then implementation.”

Andrew Moore


Andrew Moore brings over 35 years of experience to the Nature's Expressions team.  With a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from LSU, and as a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Andy brings both thoughtful engineering and an artist’s eye to each project.  Andrew’s role as a landscape architect allows him to follow his projects from the initial concept stage to finished construction.

Paul Morton


Paul Morton brings over 16 years of landscaping experience to our team. With exceptional knowledge in horticulture and construction, Paul is a perfect fit as project manager.

He has a degree in ornamental landscape horticulture from MECC as well as 30 accredited hours of landscape design and layout. Paul is also currently working on his Certification from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

Joe Melody


A corporate background and love for plants collided at Nature’s Expressions for Joe.  The moment he walked through our doors, we quickly found a new friend with a set of skills that could aid us in our efforts to serve people well.  Joe’s greatest dilemma was what to do with all of those suits in his closet.  His background in business adds a strong awareness of how to use the numbers and develop the people to projects flow and the fulfillment of client expectations happen.

Dave Bowman


Dave is the epitome of experience and expertise. He is a Kentucky certified Nurseryman, pesticide applicator, and Internationally certified Arborist. He says one of the best things about his job is going to a client’s home and creating a “wow” effect on their existing landscaping. As a leader in the maintenance division he gets lots of time outside which he says offers him a daily dose of stimulant for his senses and keeps him active and rejuvenated. His passion for plants is both therapeutic for him and beneficial for his clients.

Jonathan Donley


Formerly, Jonathan operated a small business that built houses, decks and porches.   He is the kind of guy that likes a little sawdust in his beard and classical music rolling through his work space.  He launched our carpentry division and has built a team that can do anything you put in front of them.   This is due to his passion for solving the problems that are an inherent part of the creative projects we do at Nature’s Expressions.  Working side by side with our designers, he gets a chance to impact the work we do with character and excellence.


Tim Doyle


Tim Doyle’s 17 years with Nature’s Expressions has given him a depth of experience and a desire to serve others. He enjoys working with people to make life better; whether that’s solving a stubborn drainage problem or helping to create an outdoor living space where they can “do life” with friends and family.  He enjoys getting to know people and developing trusted relationships that last decades.  There’s no better feeling for him than to stop by the house of an existing client and to be greeted with “it’s so good to see you”.

Wendy McAllister


Wendy is a gifted Landscape Architect with a bold attitude and fun demeanor.  She has been doing work in the Lexington area for the past 20 years, so it isn’t her first rodeo.  Experience and work ethic brings the best out of Wendy. Give her a challenge and she won’t let it go until she pulls something together that will both impress and work just right for your site, your family, and your wallet.

Chris Fielder


Chris Fielder is a very talented designer with a degree from the University of Kentucky in Landscape Architecture, as well as extensive experience throughout Central Kentucky. His passion for backyard beauty grew out of a very important line of questions he began to ask himself at a very young age. “How do I want the days of my life to look and feel? How do I want to live in each morning, afternoon and evening?” Chris brings that same insight and thoughtful approach to every project. His perceptive listening frequently results in new questions that open our client’s imaginations to new and exciting possibilities.

Lisa Keyes


Seeking to be closer to their children here in Lexington, Lisa Keyes and her husband are recent transplants from Southern California. With an extensive background in administration, operations and human resources, Lisa is using her skills to assist in developing our internal culture of caring for people by focusing on employee relations and operations.

Lisa loves seeing the right people in the right position and seeing them grow both as people and contributors to the company. Lisa feels she has found her personal "sweet spot" living here in Kentucky, and being part of Nature's Expressions.

Jen Miller


Jen has to carefully manage her time.  After a successful career as an ICU nurse, Jen switched focus to her growing family. As a mother of five children, on any given night Jen can be found at a soccer game, in a school meeting, helping with homework or buying groceries ... sometime all in one evening!  Over time, Jen saw an opportunity to apply her talent to help continue the growth of Nature's Expressions.  Her ability to work closely with clients and manage important details were a perfect fit for the Nature's Expressions team.  What does an ideal day at work look like for Jen?  She says, "When I've had a really yummy lunch, done my devotions for that morning, my desk is pretty clean, and I can answer the phone like I have all the time in the world."